Friday, December 2, 2011

Sneakpeek on the Dark Moogle Loot!

If you haven't watched the video, check it out here.

My initial reaction was "are you fricking serious?!?" These don't fit my idea of the "feel" for this game! I think my reaction was caused by my expectation that boss loot should be serious and bad ass looking, and silly fun stuff should come from holiday and other type of events/quests.

Then I calmed down and remembered it was just a game.
I watched the video a couple more times and slept on it and some of them are growing on me. Overall though feel that the more subtle inlay Moogle effect on the axe is inconsistent with the plushie doll glued to a weapon look of the others. I do like the red crowns on all of them.

The axe may be my favorite followed by the glad sword, the bow and the pugilist one just look silly. I love the overall shape of the lancer one except the Moogle itself. The mage weapons are growing on me and I think I must have them both. Perhaps if the Moogles were a little smaller it wouldn't look so silly?

Ok, ok, it's a Moogle fight, what did we expect? Let us all relax and embrace the fun for we all know more serious/darker things are coming.

So what do you think of the "Good King Moggle Mog XII" weapons?


  1. Well other then the staff and wand weapon, I think most the other weapons were silly and a bit plain. But then again it is moggles :) I'd just love it if they had a proc on them, maybe to turn stuff into moggles to weaken them or atleast some fun effects right?

  2. I will have to go back and look but I believe there was a dev post about them making a noise when you unsheathed them or something.


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