Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Achievements in 1.20

Today on the Lodestone, Achievements were announced. They are going to be in the 1.20 update, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Achievements could be a great addition for all of you who don't know what to do next. No Ifrit or coffer runs going on? You can work on getting that one more achievement towards a fabulous crown or other reward items or gear.

I have to admit, I enjoyed achievements in WoW quite a bit. Whether it was running around finding books, collecting pets or mounts, or killing snakes, I always had something to do between raids. It also made me go explore areas that I had no reason to go to otherwise, and I discovered some great places to level that I didn't know about. I tried my hand at pvp, which I wouldn't have done otherwise, and found out I enjoyed it. I went after some open-world bosses and went through some lower level dungeons that I wouldn't have seen, as they weren't leveling spots and with my heirloom gear, I had no reason to go to.

While not the achievement whore Kariri is, I also think the addition is a good one to the game. I am pretty excited to start crossing achievements off my list. Getting actual rewards is neat too. Hopefully the rewards are useful. Titles are cool as well. 

Perhaps it's the completionist in us. We have both been clicking things off our mental lists and watching items go bold on  XIVpads for quite a while, but it'll be nice to have a more comprehensive in-game list available, and with rewards as an added benefit! It's a small addition, but we're excited.


  1. Adding achievements to FFXIV sounds awesome, even better we will be able to earn things from them. But I just hope it does not leave out those still waiting to play it, like one time events being a deal breaker to earning them.

  2. I am a little concerned about all 1.x leaving behind all the PS3 players. They don't even get to play until 2.0 comes out.


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