Monday, July 30, 2012

The dauntless raven rises up.

Like many of my fellow adventurers I have been spending some time battling Legatus Nael van Darnus. It took a few tries but I blame the plague of disconnects and my PC overheating on most of the tries. Once we knew his moves it was pretty straightforward.

It was a very fun fight and the zone, the CS and the music were very, very good.

I give it an A+ ^^

(Gather Together) (Gridania) 

Here we go!
Of course then Cid wanted to have a word with us. 
Wow, would have never figured out to talk to him without the giant ! over his head...

I used the seals awarded to buy a spiffy new Gridanian Officer's Overcoat. I like how it goes with the yellow feather in my cap ^^

We decided to do a little skirmish and new faction leaves.  If you don't know already the new faction leaves reward you with some pretty skimpy armor.

Cannot be unseen...
Obviously the threat isn't over as there are menacing looking ships being spotted all over the place.

I have a bad feeling about this