Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm not even here...

Shhh its date night so you don't see me, I was never here...

There is some freaky crap going on with that moon...

When I logout from the bed I crawl up on it and lay down!

1.22 incoming!

Is anyone else totally excited to play 1.22?  I really need to get back to work instead of reading the 13 posts worth of patch notes over and over ><;

We get quests, a new primal battle, hamlet defense, new GC ranks, reduced party size requirements to get into AV and CC, the armoir, ability to set inn as additional return point, battle adjustments, materia adjustments, medicine adjustments, ability to request materia meld, synthesis adjustments, display of weapons dps, sanctions, Mercantile Houses allowing buying and selling cross-city, LS changes, etc.

There are so many awesome changes I cannot possibly go into them all here but I plan on covering my reaction to them in an upcoming post. Perhaps Kariri will be seduced into trying out the new changes and share her thoughts!

I was surprised that the Garuda battles were for level 40 and then the hard one is 45 as the Ifrit one was 25.

I'm a little confused about instanced hamlet defense and the 8 man pt's as I was thinking this would be something in the openworld you would go do when you didn't feel like building a party. However server limitations probably won't allow it to go smoothly and if pick up groups form at the hamlet easily I am all for it.  Now we just need a little dot by our name visually showing that we are seeking ^^

Monday, April 16, 2012

Yelta's exciting podcast news

Those of you who already listened to this week's show already know, for everyone else there is news!

I am no longer a guest host on the SBXIV podcast, I am now a permanent addition! They couldn't get rid of me, like a bad rash I will keep coming back week after week.

Listen to the latest podcast here where my cat makes her second appearance as a background noisemaker ><;

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


You look at Khamis Touq and panic!
I don't know what that was all about, but I laughed pretty hard!

Hatching-tide: Scrambled Eggs

Much like last year, we hunt down Spriggans and slaughter them for their fancy eggs and then we are given egg related hats and rings.

The egg warmers intrigue me, there are a few different stages and the eggs inside are wiggling around O.o

I wonder if they are going to hatch into anything interesting?  I wont get my hopes up though, last year we were all ready for something to happen and nothing did.