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Kariri and Yelta are sisters in real life and have played FFXI together for years and are now exploring FFXIV.  We are both married with children and enjoy many of the same hobbies.

Yelta Sumasu - Lodestone profile
Contact Me: yelta.sumasu@gmail.com

I work full time as a programmer/analyst and enjoy movies, music, and spending time with my family.  One of my biggest hobbies is gaming of all types. Board games, card games, dice games, role-playing games, and of course video games.  My favorite type of video game is by far the MMO and my favorite role in those types of games is healer.  I love mage classes and to heal and play support roles. DD can also be fun but not as fun as healing and tanking scares me.

Kariri Sumasu -  Lodestone profile
Contact Me: karirisumasu@gmail.com

I work as an office professional for a financial advisor, and when I'm not watching movies or tv, reading trashy romance novels, riding with my husband, or playing with my son, I play games. A lot like Yelta, I play a variety of things from trading card games and classic board games to D&D and word puzzles. Video games are my passion. I play a ton of different DS, Wii, and XBox 360 games, but my favorite system is my PC. My favorite PC games include any Sims game ever created (except The Sims 4, which we call The Abomination), Civilization, and any Final Fantasy title ever released. My first MMO was Final Fantasy 11, and I despised it until level 20, at which point I was hooked completely. I tried WoW, Aion, Conan, Lego Universe, and a couple others, but nothing has given me the satisfaction, community, and feeling of accomplishment I got from FFXI. I'm hoping to find that again, or something similar, in FFXIV. I'm a tank to the core, and healing scares me.