Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letter from the Producer, XXII (12/21/2011)

The newest Letter from the Producer is up. Sure, he is sorry for 1.20 being late and promises 1.20a yet this year and 1.20b next year. Ok, 2.0 development is moving right along. But we think the most exciting part of that letter was the screenshot for the new exclusive gear sets!
Now that is what adventurers should look like!

We are happy they went with classic Final Fantasy look for these, our very first JSE.  There is plenty of time for us to upgrade later to dye-able gear with other kinds of looks.

For reference, here are some pictures to bring on a wave of nostalgia:

As a WHM at heart, I love that classic white mage look.  I do wish they had gone with a hood, and its only knee length but it looks really good! The devs tell us they are hoping to give us options to wear hoods and visors up or down in 2.0. I can wait.

I adore the WHM JSE. It invokes everything that a WHM has ever been in the FF franchise. White robe, red triangles. Soft, squishy, "I'm a Healer! Kill me quick!" target clothing. Almost perfect. Except the missing hood.

The paladin looks very good and it screams "meat shield" but classy like, but where is his visor?  Kariri is going to lose an eye! The sword is kind of ridiculously huge though. I love the color and the accents. 

Paladin's get the coronet, not a visor. :P I lurrrrrve the Paladin JSE. It's absolutely everything it should be; white, gold, metal, coronet, actual armor mixed with a very "I'm a good guy! Defender of the People coming through!" sort of appeal. It's a very kick ass holy soldier of faith look. The sword makes me a little sad though.

Bard and black mage both look awesome to me, and I might have to level Monk just to wear that! I wish we had a picture of bard from the front, it's a little hard to tell what is going on with her outfit.  Also, kind of looks like the black mage did lose an eye and I'm not sure what I think about that. I was slightly surprised that they didn't go with blue for monk, but I really like the yellow.

I also love the blm look! Very traditional FF! Go Vivi! Also, ten levels to go on my Pugilist! Mwahaha! The monk-wear is very different than I expected, but in a good way. It seems more eastern inspired, and I like that the coloring stands out a bit from the others. It's a case of different, but in a good way.

Both warrior and lancer hold very little interest for me, but I have to admit they look pretty badass. I wonder  what a female Lalafell warrior is going to look like.

I don't know why, but I can't wrap my mind around the Bard. Dragoon looks like a Dragoon, although I think he might be compensating for something. Warrior looks Warrior-ish, but looks like he had four fabulous Warrior outfits in his closet, and pulled out one piece of each and threw them on. Bard looks...I don't know. Perhaps its just that the harp/bow still pierces my brain and I can't stop shaking my head at it.  Hmmm...

The reason bard looks like that is this:
Edward Chris von Muir
Bards are entertainers so they dress flashy! But I agree with Kariri that the harp-bow thing is...odd.

I am a little sad reading the forums that people want crafted gear + materia to be better than this equipment... But that is a topic for a different post.

Don't get me started about crafted gear vs. dropped, earned, or quested gear. But as you said, that's an entirely different post.

Overall, we're very happy with the look of the new gear, and we can't wait to suit up! What do you think of the JSE?

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