Friday, December 2, 2011

Job-Specific Equipment

The other day the developers stated that this first round of job-specific equipment (JSE) is going to be un-dyeable. Many people are screaming and crying about it, but we personally like it. This is only the first JSE and we're sure it will be replaced all to soon as best-in-slot (BIS). I agree that we don't all want to look like clones all the time, but it seems a nice reminder of Final Fantasy's roots.

There is going to be a ton of gear in this game and much of it will be dyeable. Let us have the classic Final Fantasy 1 look for just one set.

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  1. My only wish would have to be that, by the time I get to play and when the day comes I obtain JSE sets is that it will match the job. I like being unique still while filling a group role, JSE should not be just a outfit. As in if I earned Thief relic armor please don't allow me to be a tank/healer,:( I welcome the idea of classic Final Fantasy values being added though.

    p.s. Reading your blogs is a nice breath of fresh air from trolls on ZAM forums,looking forward to future posts. :)


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