Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1.20: The good, the bad, the ugly...

The good news is the patch 1.20 notes have been up for a few days and there is a lot to love in there.

The bad news is that the release scheduled for 12/14 has been delayed by "minimum of 2 days" as noted in this forum post.

The ugly is that Yelta is still whining about not having an Ifrit drop ><;

The most game changing thing in the patch is [dev1206] Class reforms.  Each class is going to change in fundamental ways.  We tried to read over all the changes and decide if we liked them or not but in the end we believe we will have to actually wait and try them out and see how it "feels".

Of course everyone is excited to try out [dev1211]  Good King Moggle Mog XII and get their insanely cute, classy, or ridiculous weapons.

Crybaby people like us are excited about [dev1214] The inferno totem item has been added to the rewards for “Bowl of Embers (Hard),” a set amount of which can be exchanged for an Ifrit Weapon of your choice.

This change should get a lot of use and make the game more playable over all [dev1213] A PC search feature has been added.

Crazy completionests like us are happy to see [dev1081] An achievement system has been introduced which recognizes various player accomplishments. Rewards for earning certain achievements include items and titles.

We also will enjoy: traveling instantaneously from the chocobo stables to outside the city on chocoback by speaking with one of the stablemaster, the (optional) return of the actionqueue, gear dying changes, NPC repairs on accessories, additions to the item search feature, /assist, /shutdown, and all the new GC additions.

All in all, a solid patch.

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