Friday, December 23, 2011

New Character in 1.20: A Test - Part 1

A lot of people are complaining about the difficulty new players face when starting out and how hard it is to level in the early levels.  To test this I have created a new character to try it out and see if these complaints have any merit.

For this test I have given myself no Gil, equipment or anything that a new person wouldn't have right out of the character creation screen. I did allow myself my my collectors edition Onion Helmet.
To further gimp myself I made Red a gladiator, a class I have no interest in or affinity with.

The tutorial was pretty good, but I am considering asking someone who does not already know this game to try it for a real review.  Also, I had forgotten how much I like the Ul'dah opening CS.

After the opening bits I ran to Camp Black Brush and did the introduction to leves leve with no trouble, and very nearly gained my first level. Being level 1 and only having one ability is weird.

I head back to town to talk Momodi and pick up 4 guildleves. Finish the first quest "Court in the Sands" and am almost level 4 with 12k Gil. Time to head back out of town to do some leves.

Tried "Flamber's Forgetfulness" at 2 star and won it easy-peasy and am almost level 5. Did 2 more on 2 star, then was level 5 and tried a couple 3 star.  Got a treasure chest on first one containing 5 potions and bone hora and also leveled to level 6 ^^.  I need a shield now or my new ability, Ages Boon is useless. Used some  potions fighting midges as they were a little hard.  Killed innocent desert creatures on the way back to town and got level 8.
I had 14k to spend, I better shop smart. I started with the NPC at the Adventurers Guild. Whats this?  Momodi wants to talk to me again! 

Just a note, but I had forgotten that talk of Garleans starts off right at the beginning.  It is not a new addition.

Doing the main quest I stumble upon another quest "A Call to Arms" sure I will run around town and talk to npcs for some pants ^^ 

I needed a shield and found a Bronze Hooplon for 5K and a Bronze Dagger for 2,700. I still have 6.600 left but I am going to save it for now and go do the next part of the quest.

Sweet little Momodi gave me 15K so I can go shopping, again.
She's bossy, but pays well
A little more shopping nets me a Hempen acton (grey) +1 and a pair of hempen kecks. Nothing I really want to upgrade to at this level so I put the remaining 11K back in my pocket.
Looking more the part
Off to Camp Drybone to try my hand at level 10 leves.

So far, I have murdered many mobs and not died yet.  Fighting feels slightly slow to begin with but as I leveled I got several new abilities and it became more interesting. I had to rest between battles a few times, mostly when I tried things at 3 stars. Once I get a few abilities, things should be much faster; Second Wind, I am looking at you!

Here ends part 1. I hope it was not too boring for you all to read.