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First Impressions: A 1.20 Conversation

Hey Yelta? What's your favorite thing so far about 1.20?

Am I allowed to say the Moogle song?  
Moogles like music, and murdering adventurers.

Lol! That song is haunting me. It’s one of my favorite little things too! But in the larger scale, I’m enjoying the new abilities and traits. Gladiator has gotten much more powerful, and gained many new traits to help us with enmity. We’re set up well for the Paladin job. How is Conjurer holding up?

The Conjurer abilities are pretty good, I have ways to control hate, regain mp.  Can still cross class some useful skills. Healing with the new no-tier system worried me but I believe it is going to be just fine. We need an Ifrit fight or something to do a real test. I cannot wait to see how White Mage will be!

I have read from those that have already beaten the moogle fight that Ifrit is actually a much more challenging fight than the moogles with the new abilities. That will be interesting. What do you think of the new search system?

The party search system took me a few minutes to figure out, nothing like the clunky confusing old system.  However it will take some time for everyone to get used to using it to build groups.  We are pretty used to just asking LS members and if that doesn’t pan out we just give up.  

I think the new search isn’t entirely intuitive or user friendly, but it’s huge leaps and bounds over the old system. Speaking of the old system, I think the confusion would be lessened if they removed the old system. I still miss the simplicity of the XI system though... a very quick “/sea all whm” would give results, and took seconds. It’s quite a bit of clicking for something that could be that simplified. Perhaps it will be possible for them to add chat commands for searching in the future.

A lot of people want the text search commands.  Also, I want that lfg dot on my nameplate so everyone standing near me sees that I would like to party...

What do you think about the achievement system?

All in all, I’m a fan. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bit of an achievement whore in other games. I like all the different categories, and most of the prizes seem valuable. I also liked that they have some easy ones for things, as well as seriously difficult ones. The rewards seem to be equal to the difficulty of achieving them, which I like. What I would like to see is a few fun, lighthearted, or easy ones added over time as well.

So far is there anything you completely hate?

Hmmm...I really don’t think so! You?

Nope, and I only hear a very little bit of complaining from LS mates and other people in-game.  I’ve been too busy playing to read the boards.  Several people miss Chainspell but they adjusting quickly.

Yeah, I miss having Accomplice as an “oh shit!” button, as well as a regular tool. But overall it seems to be pretty balanced.

So combos, I’ve only done my two spell ones... They are taking a little getting used to but I think I like them.  And they are NOT a replacement for battle regimen or skill chains or anything.  The devs said they still adding back combos you do with other people. I love anything that makes us better if we work together.

Yes, combos seem to be a very welcome adjustment. I really do miss doing skill chains, XI style. Battle Regimens always seemed a little awkward to me. I’ll be very happy when we’re required to work together in that way again. Ok, on to the insanely emotes! ^^

The Sumasu Sisters are dissapoint....
I cannot stop doing /disappointed!!!! OMG! And I really wonder how /grovel translates in other languages.

Don't do it Kariri!
/disappointed is my new favorite too, but since I tend to be pretty cheerful in-game, /happy will probably get a lot of use. 
Can you stand the cute?
Also, we already showed a /snowball pic, but the faces we make when doing that one make it worth mentioning again. :D
Actually, probably worth another picture
So what haven’t we talked about yet Yelta?

Grand Companies? How sad I am that I spent my seals ><;
I know! I wish I had more....MORE SEALS! lol. But seriously though, I’m loving the fact that we can rank up, do a couple new quests, and work our way towards some new GC equipment and items.

I haven't really looked at the GC stuff yet.  I ranked up once and did a quest. There is still another quest but it isn’t available to me yet.  I do love the idea of the GC, ranking up and getting missions and seals for items.  Right now there just isn’t enough things to do in my mind. Crap, I just npc’ed a bunch of botany stuff and I should have checked what the GC needed first...

The seals awarded per available leve, caravan, turn in, etc. just don’t seem to be enough. The amount of time invested in earning the seals should equal the rewards, and in this case, we’re doing much too much work for too few seals. Did that make sense?

Yes, the time it took me to do a chocobo escort was not worth the seals.

Whew! Well that’s a hell of a conversation about 1.20.

Well it was a hell of a patch!

And we didn’t even mention the removal of guild marks, new chocobo rental at the ferry, DoL changes, gear dye changes, , addition of last 20 in search,  and the upcoming “buy it at the search” features in the Market Wards.

And there is 1.21 coming as well as billing, but those are topics for another day.

If you made it this far with us, thanks for reading. Our viewer numbers have been rising, and we appreciate you stopping by, and value your comments. Hope to see you in-game or back here soon!
Still learning the fight...
Yelta Sumasu
Kariri Sumasu

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