Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Billing to begin in January

Clicky to read the billing announcement.

Like everyone else, we are not looking forward to having to pay a monthly subscription fee. But good news! It is so very cheap, like $10 a month cheap, or if you subscribe for 6 months at a time $8 a month. We easily have $10 worth of fun each month, so SE can have our money. Besides, I spend more than the 180 day subscription price in wine* in a month. **

This post wouldn't be complete without discussing the $3 a character charge. We would be against this if this was a game like many others that only allows you to play one class one each character. However, in this game, you can play every single class on the same character. Currently the only restriction per character is that you can only join one Grand Company.

Only playing one character gives us a sense of identity in the game.  Everyone doesn't have 9 different alts and is always logging on and off and you need an addon to keep track of who is who.

Hopefully 1.20 will make this game feel worth paying for to the majority of players.  We will be sticking around, will you?

*Yes, mama Yelta drinks while she heals.
** Kariri prefers drunk Yelta-heals!

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  1. It doesn't matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full as long as it's filled with whiskey. Right Yelta? ;)


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