Sunday, January 29, 2012

Auto-everything, a mini-rant.

All served up on a silver platter

We dislike automatically getting everything handed to us. We want a sense that our hard work is causing our characters to grow by obtaining spells, abilities, recipes and maps in addition to equipment. There should be stuff that is easy to learn, extremely rare, and everything in between. We also want zones that you can only visit if you have done something to unlock them.

This earning can be questing, buy with gil, buy with GC seals, exploration, mob drop or any other route. Something awesome could have 4 pieces of a scroll spread out among several drops or quests but once all the pieces are assembled you can learn it. Perhaps we can trade some and others are U/U.

At this point we would not ask anything to be changed currently in-game but we are really hoping that going forward we have to actually take action to obtain these things.

It sounds like we will be questing our abilities/JSE for the new jobs so perhaps this will partly fulfill our request. And we read in a dev post that in 2.0 "recipes that can only be obtained from Leves and quests will be added to your list upon receiving them." which gives us some hope that obtaining things will be something you actually have to do.

How do you feel about auto-gaining everything? Love it, hate it, or indifferent?


  1. A balance is always good! Some easy, some not so much.

  2. It's not THAT easy... plus they haven't really unleashed the hard stuff yet either. But I don't like spoon feeding at all!


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