Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GM Kipih Jakkya sighted!

I was wandering through Ul'dah and saw my first GM.
Kipih Jakkya waves to you.
Kipih Jakkya: I am up to the usual business of finding any information about strange stories or rumors going about Eorzea.

We discussed cults, kidnapped people, the growing moon and the moogle king.  It was really cool to stumble upon her insted of the NPC version I saw this weekend.


  1. Wow, that's pretty sweeit. I wish I could have awesome encounters like that in the game. Then again, I probably don't play enough at the moment to do so. By the way, this is Orophen from Zantetsuken. Thanks again for linking to our site!

  2. Hihi Orophen, thanks for visiting our little blog. Hopefully you get a chance to see one of these in the future. I'm sad I missed some of the other ones I've heard of out at some of the camps.

    Also, I'm quite enjoying Zantetsuken ^^


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