Friday, January 13, 2012

Holy crap! Dalamund is huge!

After hearing from others about the increase in Dalamund's size I decided to check it out myself.
We're all gonna dieeeee!
Between that and the rumors of cultasts who call themselves the Lambs of Dalamud, things are getting pretty scary around here!

I spent some time looking for Addison but no luck so far. And yes, that is a Malevolent Mogwand :D


  1. *Insert sephiroth theme music only replace sephiroth with Garlean Empire* Trust me, it sounds better if you say it out. We're all gonna dieeeee!

  2. Holy crap sis! I thought there was a moogle behind you! I honestly didn't realize it was your wand until I read the message! /snort

  3. Yes, needs more awesome/foreboding music...


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