Monday, January 9, 2012

Things the game is still lacking

FFXIV is still in many ways an inferior game.  There is still a list of things wrong with it and while it has improved in the last 20+ updates, there are still things broken/missing that make us scratch our heads and wonder if anyone tested this....
  1. No Mailboxes - seriously? I have to lug around my stacks of Moko Grass until I see Kariri next? 
  2. Only two gathering Guildleves at a camp - give me 8 leves of each type. gathering, battle and crafting, at every single camp. Let me party up and link them with a friend. 
  3. Poor Market system -  More search options and better sorting.  I might not know what equipment I want for my 23 pugilist so I should be able to search for all gear within a level range. Also, just link the market wards already.  
  4. Lack of content, at all levels - there should be interesting things to go do at every level and for all play-styles* with good rewards. Those rewards can be xp, gil, equipment, rare materials, storyline, or a combination of these. You should never be bored when you log on, you should have to decide which of the various activities you want to partake in.
  5. Getting to level 50 is a joke, it is much too fast.  Even before PL was easy it took only weeks of playing to reach 50 and that's not even playing all that much. There is no reason to invest time and Gil obtaining good mid-level equipment since you level past it so quickly and easily.  Currently there isn't much to do as you level up except a few class quests but if they fix the content problem we hope they slow down the leveling after the first level cap raise.
  6. Slow UI and Lag - 2.0 new server structure and graphics engine should fix but we are still unhappy in the meantime.
  7. Primal fight equipment drops. The totems/nuts just mask the actual issue and the answer is just make the weapons drop to the loot list.  Leave the totems/nuts in, that combats unluckiness and allows a LS to farm nuts for someone who cannot seem to get their weapon. See earlier post on Ifrit drops.
  8. Linkshell administration options - Can't kick inactive people and that sucks. Also, give me LS message.  Oh, and let me type "/5 blah blah"   to chat with my 5th LS and stop making me manually switch active LS....
Well that is our current list of things this game is still lacking, what is on your list?

*Full Party, Light Party, trio, duo, and solo. Hardcore, midcore, and casual. Hopefully alliances someday...

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