Thursday, February 2, 2012

Letter from the Producer, XXIV (01/30/2012)

If you have not already you can read the letter here.

The bad news is the patch will be delayed 2 weeks, the good news?  EVERYTHING ELSE!

This patch looks like a biggie! We have been waiting for this one for a long time now so hopefully it will be as cool to play as it looks on paper(err screen?).

The biggest addition is the new Job System.  We will be getting quests for unlocking the jobs themselves, learning job abilities, and acquiring artifact armor. Each job will get unique attributes and actions including combos. It appears that we will be getting a new equipment slot where we will equip the job stone.

Besides job quests we are getting quests for the Seventh Umbral Era, Storylines, world, raid, seasonal events,  and player residence. That is a lot of questing ^^

There will be two new level 50 instanced raids for us to explore and defeat, "Cutter's Cry" and "The Aurum Vale".

Player residences are going to be introduced.  It looks like it is just a room at an inn but that is a start. Inside our room we will get to replay quest cutscenes and a logout bonus. 

This logout bonus is apparently a rested bonus you get for logging out from your room and this is replacing Guardian's Aspect. There is a lot of debate about this on the official forums but in the end we doubt this is gong to be game breaking. It is probably going to be a slight buff to xp for a short time given to players who haven't played for a couple days. 

There is something new called Intra-city travel that sounds like the ability to warp around within a city. This also is being argued a lot on the forums. We are going to wait before we decide how we feel about this. If it is like warp tarus in XI then it is probably fine. 

They are introducing Chocobo barding which appears to be cosmetic only and purchasable by Grand Company seals. Hopefully we can get some additional ways of obtaining GC seals...

We are also excited they are reworking food, medicine and accessories. Both of us really want food and medicine to be useful.

Sadly Hamlet defense is postponed to 1.22 due to increase in scale. Hopefully they thought up some super cool stuff for us to do that just needed more time to finalize for a awesome PvE event.  

There is a lot more in the patch notes so if you haven't read them if you are interested in the details.

Is everyone as excited for this patch as we are?