Thursday, February 23, 2012

Risk Factor. Can I have it?; A re-post from the SE forum.

I've been reading this thread with interest the last couple days and felt my response needed to be echoed here...

I don't want to throw my controller across the room or to delevel if I die but I also don't want everything to be a cakewalk where I can be watching a movie on my other monitor and half the party dying barely slows us down. Both extremes are no fun for me.

We need some activities that fall somewhere in the middle of that. Something where one death in a group won't be the end of the world but a couple of deaths would be a major setback. I want all 8 people to have to pay attention and be on their toes. To have to equip appropriate equipment and come prepared with the right food and medicines.

I want these activities to be dynamic where people have to actually think and react to things to succeed. Something where a couple of screwups would be noticeable and may even cause you to fail the activity.

Please notice I wrote some activities above, I also want activities that I can do in a more leisurely fashion in addition to the above. Heck I want them to also add things even harder and more brutal than what I describe above for those who would enjoy it. We need activities for every playstyle.


  1. Kaelas Dawnstrider - RabanastreFebruary 23, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    I think that your point is valid. My only disagreement is that right now balancing things is very difficult when over the last couple patches and the next couple of patches there are many changes to the ways that the battle classes and their abilities work. So with all the changes that have happened already and the changes coming with the jobs in the next patch, I think fine tuning content would be pretty hard to do. I hope and expect that once the combat changes are mostly finished that fine tuning will become a priority.

    1. I'm not asking for this in 1.21 or anything, but once all the proper groundwork to support it is in place we desperately need some challenging content.

  2. I read your original post on the forums Yelta and thought, "yes please". Especially the part about all 8 people needing to "pay attention and be on their toes.". As a sidenote, I am new to your Blog and was just wondering, why so quiet on server merges? Enjoying your blog enormously thank you.

    1. We did write about the server merge in December:

      I also talked about it a bit on the Sequence Break podcast a couple of weeks ago.

      Is there something in particular about the merge we should be covering?

    2. Sorry Yelta, now I feel kind of foolish. I just did not read your blog entries from a last year.

      No, nothing in particular about it you should be covering. It just suprised me you had not had an entry considering the ammount of forum chatter on the matter a couple of weeks back.

      Certainly a lot of talking was done within my LS about what we would do, especially when the "original" plan was announced. I think someone really took their eye of the game when that original idea for server moves was mooted; and I am very pleased that SE quickly (quickly for them) responded to their community and changed track.

      For myself and my main LS, we are looking forward to continuing playing on Durandal with friends we have come to know over the last many months and making new friends with people who may join from Rabinastre and other servers. Should be exciting times ahead.

    3. Hehe, don't feel foolish. I forgot we posted about server merges myself and yesterday wrote up another post about it while experiencing serious deja vu. Then I scrolled down and understood why it felt I was repeating myself as my new post was pretty much the same as my old one.

      Also, do not know what is going on with my comment above, the spacing is weird.

  3. Kaelas Dawnstrider - RabanastreFebruary 24, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    Yes I agree that a wide variety of content is needed in the near future. I think that it will become a priority, however I do also remember that in FFXI a lot of things happened in the game that the developers didn't really plan, like Ninja's being tanks. So we'll see, I'm very hopeful for the rich future of the game however.

  4. I'm all for content that's challenging and fun to play with. Nothing more enjoyable than tackling and beating an event of dungeon that requires everyone to be on their toes, or have the battle become so gripping that even those who went down are cheering you on while trying to find a way to get back up and rejoin you.

    That being said, I hope they never bring in the exp penalties of FFXI. I cry whenever I think of loosing entire levels due to repeated attempts on a particular mission.

    1. Yeah, I don't want exp penalty either and I really don't think it would work in (my vision of) FFXIV since casual and hardcore people are both playing the same game. Exp loss would be to harsh for 90% of the players out there.

      I DO want death to matter for everyone but I would rather deaths make your group fail something vs overly punishing your character.

      I think the weakness effects should be turned up a little bit and I love that "brink of death" sucks :D


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