Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentione's Day is here!

The Valentione's day event was cute, but a little bit frustrating. My biggest problem was I didn't bother to do it until everyone else had already done it.

This event involves chocolate, blowing kisses, necklaces, and 9 NPCs with 5/6 menu options each...
There are three necklaces and achievements to go along with each of them. Talking to the NPC with a partner will get you the consecrated chocolate which you will need later.

The first necklace comes from teaming up with anybody in any town and talking to a NPC which is pretty easy and straightforward. There is even a matchmaker in each city who promises to help you find your love:

She will hook you up.
The second is from finding the right partner and talking to the NPC once in each town. The right partner is a specific race and grand company combo like a Hyur of the Twin Adder and it changes every 24 ingame hours. It was a pain to find a Lalafell of The Maelstrom but apparently enough shouting in Ul'dah will get you a girlfriend for 10 minutes. I'm not sure why the NPC wants you to hook up with random people of a specific type... I found it a little creepy, like they had a fetish seeing a Lalafell with a Hyur ><;.

Remember those consecrated chocolates? The third is from having enough people use their consecrated chocolates on you and then taking to a NPC.

A smooch from a LS mate
And that is all there is to it. I mostly did it for the achievements but it did give me a reason to log on.
Oh! according to a dev post on the forum we will get to keep our /blowkiss emote which is super cute:

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