Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Roundup!

So, a lot has been going on and I have been slacking!
Here are some of this weeks highlights:

Letter from the Producer
Not much new here that wasn't already covered in individual dev posts but worth a read if you don't follow the forums. He did firm up the patch date as Friday, March 9 and includes some more job screen shots to drool over

Class requirements to unlock Jobs
We now know what class combos unlock which jobsMost of them make sense, others not so much. The ones that don't are probably a product of the jobs being tacked on and not part of the games original design.

I am a little disappointed that the requrements are so low but hopefully the quests to unlock the jobs will be a challange even if the requrements are not. I am REALLY hoping that the job related quests require some party play as jobs are really FOR party play.

Job Weapon Skills Preview Video
View it here. They look pretty darn good! I cant wait to use the WHM and BLM ones!

World Transfer Applications Begins
The servers are full and people are having a fit. The devs assure us this is being watched and adjusted by the development and operations teams.

If you are trying to transfer to a different server DON'T PANIC just be patient and keep trying.

Changes to Spell Casting Specifications
There are a few, but important changes coming you can read about it here and even watch a video showing the changes in action.

"Moving will cancel a spell that is being cast" is going to take some getting used to. I know I start casting as I am running back from one of Ifrit's eruptions.

The "Target-facing feature to be expanded" will be useful but looks pretty bad
(It looks insanely stupid Yelta. You can say it.) in the video. You go from facing away to instantly facing it in the blink of an eye.

"Use Sub-targeting When Casting Spell option to be added" Thank you SE! I wont have to select my target every time I want to nuke something. I didn't even notice what a pain it was until I played a DoW class and they just press 3 and stabbity the mob while DoM have to hit 3 then confirm the target. Extra /joy for getting to use <st> in our macros for those times we really DO want to cast on something other than what we currently have targeted.

Square Enix Music Blog
Wow, I almost missed this. Scroll down and give it a listen.

I love the songs, they sound very Final Fantasy. A couple in particular seem to hold the promise of adventure ^^

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