Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update 1.21: First Impressions

Just starting out and Yelta is already sleepy..
 This weekend we headed back into Eorzea to try out some of the new features released in patch 1.21. This patch is the biggest release so far for Final Fantasy 14's new vision, and it's enormous. Jobs, quests, chocobo barding, accessory fixes, af, inns, rested bonus, and two new raids.

Only now, drained of anima and sporting some sexy new AF are the Sumausu Sisters ready to take a break and tell you all about it!

I have how much anima left?
The job quests start out pretty easy, talk to a NPC, talk to another NPC, kill something easy, report back to NPC. Even considering the early quests are really for level 30 classes, we were originally dismayed at the simplicity of it and the wall-o-text that accompanied it. We’re not sure at what point it happened, but we got hooked by the story and butchered by the fights...even a pick up group failed! We needed to find people to accompany us who knew what they were doing! (I teared up at the paladin quest, not so much at the quest itself, but because at some point along the way, they finally made me give a damn about something in Final Fantasy again. Girly and emotional yes, but also freaking awesome.)

We really like that they went with a few quests that were solo-able all the way to pretty challenging fights. We also loved that they took you back to DH and into both of the new instanced dungeons. Even going back and fighting some of the mid level NM’s was pretty spiffy, especially now that you can turn in U/U drops for company seals!

I turned in a ton of DH gear and NM drops and managed to rank all the way up and get some spiffy chocobo barding. Expeditionary missions are a brilliant idea and I will now have a reason to kill a NM when I see one again as well as not have a DH run be completely useless to me anymore.

We didn't get to see much of the new instanced raids but what we did see was pretty cool. Some of the ??? for the job af was just far enough inside Aurum Vale to not be taxing, yet still give a feel for the zone. Cutter’s Cry was more challenging and a bit of a puzzle. We didn’t go for a win either; we went just far enough to do our job quests.

Yelta & Kariri both look pretty spiffy in their new AF! (Kariri needs to add a picture, I don't have one.)

Black Magic Woman
Who knew White Mage could be this cute!
 The quest to get an Inn room was short and sweet. The CS were pretty entertaining. A rested bonus should come in handy leveling up more classes and the ability to re-watch CS is nice. Hopefully we will get some time to re-watch all the main storyline quests.

I didn’t bother to spend the seals for Aetherpass myself but they are okay I guess. What I really thought was cool was the fact they added 3 shifty little guys, one to each city, that are apparently running a black market where you can buy Aetherpasses for the other cities along with some other items purchasable with GC seals.This was a nice touch.

I love the idea of the Aetherpass, as I am lazy, but I don’t yet have the seals to purchase one. This was a welcome addition, if not completely necessary. I enjoyed the ability to exit your mog house in different areas in XI, and this is another step further. I also agree that the little black market idea was cute.

The most important change in this patch is the addition of /airquotes, as shown below:

We didn’t touch crafting or gathering at all but will report back our DoH & DoL thoughts.

Dalmund is fricking huge now, and I /panic whenever I see it, which is all the freaking time now.

I have a very bad feeling about this...


  1. Wait, where are these black market guys at? And yeah. If a guy with silver hair starts showing up and stabbing people I'm out.


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