Saturday, March 24, 2012

1.21 continues to be fun!

Why hello Mr. Toad!
Boy, it has been another fun week in the world of FFXIV! My anima is slowly creeping back up to a less panic inducing level. I have found that it doesn't really take that long to run to Halitali to do leves, and then down to Broken water to do more... The anima shortage has made me realize I have been being even more lazy than I thought I was!

Little Ladies day was short and simple and that's probably a good thing as I had so much other stuff to do. I do like the earring, it is very pretty!

With White Mage and Black Mage finished I then leveled bard to 50 but still need to do the last quests. I have a couple wins in Cutter's Cry and a couple in The Aurum Vale.  

I got my heavy Chocobo Barding so Magnus looks spiffy!(even if he is very noisy now)

There continues to be a lot of Ul'dah shouting for exp parties, job quest runs and both the new and old raids. Lots of people in the adventurers guild doing leves and such. More people need to use the party search though, I use it and have been invited to parties because of it but it needs to be more widespread.  I see on the forums they are going to add a visual indicator next to your characters name to show you are seeking and I like that idea.

Sadly some of my BLM equipment is pretty gimp, I've ignored it since I prefer playing a healer but I'm going to have to do something about it as I am asked to BLM a ton lately and I am always willing to perform whatever role the group needs.
Crafting doesn't suck!
On the crafting front I have resumed leveling alchemy and while I cannot pinpoint just why, but it feels better. I can decide to either spam through the crafting process or pay attention and get a ton more xp. The xp bar now rises up at a much more rapid pace especially when rested. Going from 41-44 didn't feel like it took very long at all.

I've not bothered to craft for selling, mostly for my own use and offer to give to others during a run. Throat drops are handy for some of the new raids as crap in there silences you.  The cooldown sucks though and sometimes I will pop one and then just be silenced again and have to wait 5 minutes.

I still have a couple of the old Stronghold bosses to kill and I don't have any of the new drops yet so hopefully my LS will go back again and again till we all have what we want.  Heck I still want an Ifrit weapon! I also want to finish off bard and then thinking of taking Pugilist/Monk up next. Also getting Alchemy and Botany up to 50 are on my list of things to do in my downtime.

Hopefully the buff to Paladin in 1.21a will lure Kariri back to play...


  1. :D wow, such a nice blog you set up. ^.^ Nice to peer into the life and prospective of another adventurer!

  2. Hey Tabatha,

    I'm glad you are enjoying the blog, it is a bunch of fun to write. Thanks so much for leave us a comment ^^


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