Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to the Sumasu Sisters Blog

Hello! I’m Yelta Sumasu, and I’m Kariri Sumasu and we’d like to welcome you to the Sumasu Sisters Blog!

After finding that many of the public forums are vile cesspools, we decided to start this blog to have a place to discuss various FFXIV topics and share our experiences.

Back when Final Fantasy XIV was announced, we were obsessed. We kept track of every detail released about the game. We watched trailers, read interviews, checked out fan sites and checked SE almost daily. Yelta played in the closed Beta, and Kariri bought a new computer to be able to run the game.

We played FFXI together for years and were thrilled at having a new game, a Final Fantasy game, to play together online for the next ten years. But after playing a short time, things were lacking. No new content was being introduced and current content was unbalanced and uninteresting.  Battles did not require any skill, just button mashing in large groups. Class roles were almost non-existent. Crafting was convoluted. Worst of all, the world did not feel like Final Fantasy.

Kariri quit playing, and Yelta continued on. We both watched and read as the producer changed, and patches were implemented. With patch 1.18, Kariri came back and the Sumasu Sisters have been playing together again!

While not everything is fixed yet to a level we would expect in a year-old game, we definitely like the direction it is taking. To be fair, they had some hiccups along the way. But when version 2.0 and plans up until then were announced, the list contained most of the things that we both agree the game needs to not only survive, but thrive. We’ll talk a lot more about this as things progress.

A couple of things to note: When we are speaking together, the text will be black. When Yelta is speaking, it will be purple. When Kariri is speaking, it will be blue. This way we can post conversations and allow us to show our differing thoughts and opinions.

Also, this is not a strategy or information site. We will provide links to helpful sites that we like and use. Although we might discuss strategies for certain things, or a rundown of an event or something, it is not why we are here. We just wanted to vocalize our thoughts on the state of the game and decisions being made on where it is going without dealing with the hideous trolling of the regular forums. If you happen to stumble onto our little blog, we’re happy to have you, we encourage thinking for yourself, and we will take constructive criticism.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We hope to see you here again, or in-game, soon.

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