Monday, November 21, 2011

Power Leveling

Power leveling is a hot topic on the Lodestone forums right now. We are the type of people who actually enjoy a good grind party, and think that the journey to level cap should be long and enjoyable with a good deal of content included along the way. This journey should be measured in months, not weeks. We find PL groups to be boring, especially if most of the group is AFK so no one is even talking or kidding around.

That being said, we've given and received some PL in the last couple of months, usually on classes we do not consider our main and are just leveling for an ability or two.  However, and being fully aware that it is hypocritical,  we are generally against power-leveling.

Even in your most simple 4 or 8 man grind party you should be learning a role, tank, healer, DD, etc.  Granted most grind parties we've attended so far have been spamfests, but ideally you should be learning something about your class and your abilities.  You should be learning how hate works, mp and tp management, and when to use your abilities.

FFXIV is pretty EZ mode right now, and there are very few encounters that require you to know how to play your role.  We know many  people who were PL'd to 50 and don't have any trouble figuring out the class mechanics and how to play, but we maintain that leveling up in a group > PL.

Honestly, we are ok with things the way the are now, but hope that after the first level cap raise they steepen the leveling curve and give us cool things do do and exciting places to go while we get there. we'd like to see things that challenge us to learn our roles in a party, get awesome new upgrades for our equipment and of course a sweet, sweet story line. They should make our journey important; make us feel like an integral part of the world every step of the way.

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