Thursday, November 17, 2011

Current class issues

One of the current problems with classes is having to dig too deep into another classes abilities to properly perform your role. This may be more of a social issue than a game mechanic issue, since you probably can play the game fairly well leveling up only 1 class ever.

I think we can all agree that to be the best at your role, you may have to level a class other than your chosen main.
I think this is a good thing and will always do what I can to improve my performance. However I think sometimes this goes too far. Needing to level Thaumaturge up to get Sacrifice I (level 4) or II (level 20) for my healing abilities is reasonable but expecting everyone to level to 48 for Sac III is not. Now to consider my Conjurer the best healer it can be I just HAD to have Sac III but that's just me and my mildly elitist tendencies.

That said, leveling is incredibly easy in this game to the point that it feels cheap. In fact there are more and more people getting all classes to 50. I leveled gladiator to 36 just for Sentinel so I could have a better chance of surviving Ifrit's Hellfire and it wasn't too hard. I don't consider myself hardcore but I have trouble understanding people who are unwilling to level an extra class or two into the 20's for endgame type content.

The new class reforms may make this entire post moot, but only time will tell.

Also, does it feel weird to anyone else to be getting raised by a Lancer?

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