Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mouseover Cure Macro and You

This is really a draft and I will clean it up this weekend with some more screenshots to illustrate just how to do it. 

I've heard people lamenting the lack of mouseover macros for healing and I thought I would write up a quick guide on setting them up.

Hit escape or whatever brings up the menu for you and choose User Macros. Click an empty number on the left side of the panel and then on the right side choose a macro image, name the macro and then enter the following line into the box for commands:

/ac "Cure" <mo>

Drag the image of your shiny new macro from the macro palette (left side) to wherever you want it to be on your bar.

Now put your mouse over another player's character or if in a party you can put your mouse over the nameplate in the party menu. It gets a yellow glow to show which nameplate has focus. Hit the button on your bar and cure should be cast.
"Ok that worked, but I can't heal myself OMG HELPZ!!!!1!!!"
Having read the entire config I remembered there was a setting that might fix this. Under Character Configuration make sure to click the box that allows the mouse to select your character:

Make sure Enable clicking on self is checked

In the following screenshot you can see I have the Reaver targeted and the yellow glow over Cueball's name shows that is what my mouse is hovering over.
Cueball taking a beating

I can then just tap the 1 key on my keyboard and cure him when needed but keep my target on the mob and tap 3 to keep the Aero up.

To make the macro a little more robust add the following 2 lines to the macro:
/macroicon "Cure"/ac "Cure" <t>
/ac "Cure" <tt>

/macroicon "Cure" keeps the cooldown timer and the mp cost on the button. (Thank you Anonymous commenter!)

What the rest will do is if the mouse focus isn't something that can be cured it will try to cast Cure on your target and then failing that will try to Cure the target of your current target. That part is awesome for those times when my mouse gets flung across my desk when I sneeze since Cueball still gets a Cure as long as I have the Reaver targeted and the Reaver's target is whoever has the most hate which should be Cueball if he is doing his job right. Cueball usually does his job right.


  1. Great guide for mouseover macros! I was worried about this coming into FFXIV since I've used mouse over's in MMO's for YEARS when healing. THANK YOU!

    1. I'm glad someone found it helpful.

      There are probably going to be much better guides popping up but this should get people started.

  2. i found this line on a site /macroicon "Cure" to keep gcd\timer\cost on the button. but no tool tips

    1. Awesome, thanks! I will give this a try and update my post.


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