Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beta test phase 3 test 3

I managed to get on a bit for test 3 and while the duty finder testing was pushed back I found other things to do. I forgot to take as many screenshots but hopefully you find these enjoyable.

Friday night I joined Calaera and friends to try out some Guildhest. These are short and simple at level 10. Hopefully I get to try some of the harder ones out next weekend. We recorded a live podcast and basically derped around. Our special guest Denmo Mcstronghuge was awesome and it was so much fun having him on.

Saturday I logged on and did some messing around with crafting. Later I joined Rubicon Vale who was playing with some of his friends and they were playing on Marlboro so I got that Yelta through the missions to help out with Ifrit.  

I noticed these two while doing my quests leading up to Ifrit and I laughed every time I saw them:

We killed Ifrit flawlessly and I went on to do the rest of the quests up to the last fight before you join a GC. I kept dying and didn't feel like leveling up or equipping that character better.

After that I joined Smokin' Aces on Durandal for some shenanagans. We did some Ifrit (I got us killed, twice) then some wandering around and posing for screenshots.

Things got a little crazy. Thanks Archie, I didn't get a good picture of the madness.

I had a lot of fun and there are still things I haven't tested yet but I am really ready for Phase 4 where my progression will get carried over into the live version.

I'm really having a ton of fun getting to play with all of my friends and I can't believe how much I have missed FFXIV since the servers went down.

So did you play this weekend? 

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  1. Great screenshots again, seems you guys had a lot of fun there! :D


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