Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beta Phase 3 is here!

Hello fellow adventurers and curious people! With the partial NDA lift I thought I would give a little update.

For this current weekend I am playing on the Malboro server with both the Smokin' Aces LS and hopefully the guys over at Zantetsuken.  

In 2.0 the current plan is to go to Excalibur. I will keep my server choice up to date over on xivpads WorldTransferDirectory. I've also updated my Hiding from our Guilds LS with my current 2.0 plans.

I only got to play for a little bit this morning but here is a very pretty sunset near Ul'dah:

Some of the npc dialog is pretty darn funny:

Well thats all for now. 


UPDATE - I played quite a bit and will do a writeup later but here are some pictures.