Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beta Phase 3 is here!

Hello fellow adventurers and curious people! With the partial NDA lift I thought I would give a little update.

For this current weekend I am playing on the Malboro server with both the Smokin' Aces LS and hopefully the guys over at Zantetsuken.  

In 2.0 the current plan is to go to Excalibur. I will keep my server choice up to date over on xivpads WorldTransferDirectory. I've also updated my Hiding from our Guilds LS with my current 2.0 plans.

I only got to play for a little bit this morning but here is a very pretty sunset near Ul'dah:

Some of the npc dialog is pretty darn funny:

Well thats all for now. 


UPDATE - I played quite a bit and will do a writeup later but here are some pictures.


  1. Kaelas DawnstriderJune 18, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    Good to see posting again now that the NDA is partially lifted! Aliana and I are intending to head to Excalibur as well, so hopefully we will see you there!

    1. Ooh! Thats great news! Did you get a chance to test the beta this last weekend?

    2. Kaelas DawnstriderJune 19, 2013 at 1:11 PM

      Yes for a bit, got to 17 on Pugilist, played through Sastasha and TTD. Honestly as a melee I was very happy with the improved response time and the combat changes. Plus, the unmasked story was SUPER Final Fantasy to me, my wife and I were just soo happy with how things were shaping up. I loved the fact that by 10+ the story quests were starting to require you to pay attention and dodge nasty moves. Overall we're quite pleased with the level of difficulty for such a low level experience.

    3. There were cries on the beta forum to nerf the quest "Duty, Honor, Country". I really hope the devs don't change it as it was a breath of fresh air to have a solo quest where you had to come prepared and pay attention. I died a few times and felt a level of frustration I hadn't felt in a long time but that made my victory even more sweet.

      I did it as Conjurer with no cross class abilities and no potions or antidotes. The first time I got spanked pretty badly, the second time I got to the second phase and was spanked again for running in and trying to kill both enemies.

      Dying was good for me, it made me go back and reconsider my strategy, upgrade a couple pieces of equipment and eat food before the fight.

      I was getting messages on my phone from LS members about how cool they thought it was to be challenged at the level 15-17 mark.

    4. Kaelas DawnstriderJune 19, 2013 at 2:45 PM

      Yeah honestly it was very refreshing, and it was designed in such a way as to reward paying attention and using your abilities properly. I also loved how it synced you for story abilities if your level was too high. I don't like being forced down to a certain level in the open world, but inside a story scene it's perfect.

      I am fine with the quests receiving a little fine tuning, but overall the difficulty seemed almost perfect. I died once in that quest too, and came close to death a few times even when I won. But it really helped that entire encounter to feel more impressive.

      On a side note, that is also why I kinda laughed when I saw people posting about how the combat is just stand there and mash buttons. I started to wonder if they were playing the same game I was. Sure prior to level 10 you could pretty much just use you abilities and not move and be alright, but as you neared level 15 even normal goblin bombs started to hit for a third of your health and it became much more important to pay attention and be mobile.

  2. Haha, the NPC dialoque is epic :D

    The pics you made are wonderful, can't wait to see more :3

    best wishes!


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