Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slow night

But I still managed to get stuff done.

That boys and girls, is Lasthold. It was a lot easier to get to with the help of a friend.  I now have a shiny new title.  Its not a huge thing but I really wanted to have it done.

A big thank you to Theseus for helping me out!

I answered shouts and went along to kill the low level Ifrit for a stranger. Theseus joined after me and we entered the instance.  He laughed at me when I crit for over 6K on my 3rd spell and the fight was over before the guy was out of the cutscene.

After that I saw messages in LS chat about Kipih Jakkya saying something about Goblins outside Ul'dah:

There were many goblins to murder, and murder us. 

Lastly I got a /tell asking if I wanted some Rivenroad (Hard) practice and I said yes and dragged Archie and Cueball from Smokin' Aces with. I did a few tries and had to go to bed. I'm not sure Archie went to bed as I was getting Line messages all night :D

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