Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 Days left!

Still playing most days. Still running whatever needs running with my endgame linkshell, Smokin' Aces. Still gathering up the lost sheep who need a LS and trying to help them out.We are still on the seemingly endless mission to gather up Darklight gear. I have previously been involved in Miser's Mistress punching but I was asked to gear up my monk for more flexibility when doing Aurum Vale. I'm broke now but it was nice to do it with bigger numbers.

I push buttons good...

We are pretty much done farming Garuda. We got the tokens and drops we wanted for the most part. There are some stragglers that I hope we can get drops for but honestly shes gonna be there in 2.0 so unless the drops are needed to complete current content it can probably wait.

I got Garuda's Gaze as a drop and then bought Garuda's Van with my tokens and Garuda's Wile dropped to me on our last fight last night.

The Raven, Nevermore won't be available in 2.0 so I have begun working on that. I did some attempts with a PUG much of Saturday and we managed to get him down to 20% in phase 1. It's a hard fight and like any fight will take some time to learn. I am confident that Smokin' Aces can end him.  We did quite well for the few attempts we tried last night.

I see that there are linkshells selling wins, but a) I would rather do it with my LS and b) I don't have that kind of cash... I won't lie and say I am not tempted to try to beg a win out of someone clearing it with relative ease.

I do think I'm going to go beg an escort to Lasthold from someone tonight. Next time I post I might be "the Wanderer's Shadow".

Lastly, on a rare personal note... My husband is being very patient and understanding concerning the extra playtime I have been putting in lately. He knows the save is soon and how important getting these last few things done are to me.  Thank you Ulfr <3

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