Friday, March 21, 2014

Why Yelta and Kariri Cannot Be Trusted with Fantasia Potions

Just as a reminder to everyone, normally Yelta and I are the very definition of adorable. If you look up the term in the dictionary, there is simply the following definition:

So imagine the shock we caused when we decided large for a while.

These are actually the appearence of characters that we rolled up on a Japanese server while Yelta was locked out of the game on both her characters due to 90k and 3102 errors right after 2.0 was released. We used them mostly to  test boob physics...
for science. 

We've basically been having a blast confusing our poor free company companions. I almost got yelled at once for running in before "the tank", because they were looking for the Lalafell version of me! Hehehe!

We've been taking pictures in tons of stuff ranging from Valentione's clothing...

to the downright bizarre, but highly amusing...

It was an incredibly fun little experiment, and our coil group even got in on the action! Fun was had by all, but Yelta and I are back in our own skin again. As amusing as it was to be enormous and well endowed, it's good to be a Lalafell. It was like coming home. 

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