Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sumasu Sisters' Commandments of FFXIV

There was a request in the official forums by a player to fill out a FFXIV Research Survey. We found the the question "If you were to come up with a few rules (like a Ten Commandments) for gameplay, what would they be?" very interesting so we each wrote up our "Ten Commandments" and thought we would share them with you.

We suggest you fill out the survey yourself before reading our answers.

Kariri Says:

1. There is a human behind those pixels. Don't ever forget this.

2. You were new once too. Don't ever forget this.

3. Everyone can improve their game. Even you.

4. Constructive criticism should be more constructive, less criticism.

5. Your political beliefs, religious beliefs, and personal prejudices do not belong in my escapist world. I'll keep mine out if you keep yours to yourself.

6. Like any good Boy Scout, Be Prepared. Don't show up to end game content without food, potions, proper level, fully repaired gear.

7. People can play any way they want, as long as it doesn't ruin the game for someone else. Solo or grouping, questing or Fate parties, crafting or gathering instead of battling, to role play or not to roleplay, war versus magic, it doesn't matter. There is no right or wrong.

8. Communication is highly underrated in dungeons. If you're hoping to speed run, make sure there are no new players in your group. If you are used to doing a boss one way, but a different way is conventional, warn everyone. Many a party have broken for less.

9. This is supposed to be fun. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong. Yes, ramming your head against a new challenge can be fun, even in frustration. It makes it all the better when you beat the snot out of it.

10. All roads lead back to rule 1. Ignoring the cliche of it all, treat people like you want to be treated. Gamers don't let gamers act like douches.

Yelta Says:

1. This is a MMO and you will be playing with others. The other players you see are not NPC's. They are living breathing people with thoughts and feelings. Treat them as such.

2. Find your people. MMO's attract people of all kinds with the full spectrum of personalities and playstyles. Group up with compatible people.

3. Ask questions. No one knows everything.

4. Answer questions. No one knows everything.

5. Play at your own pace. This goes with #2 so you can play with other people at your pace.

6. If you have a goal that deviates from the expected norm then build your own party. DF is great but the only assumption should be that the other players want to complete the contenet. Nothing more.

7. Come prepared. Have content appropriate gear that is repaired and bring food.

8. Fail Gracefully & Know When to Call it Quits. Sometimes it just isnt going to happen.

9. Be flexible. Sometimes the group can succeed by one person not being too stubborn to try tanking the mob somewhere not shown on the video...

10. Be generous with your time, experience, in-game items and patience to the level you can afford to be. But don't let yourself be taken advantage of.

Questions? Comments? Additions? What did we miss, and what do you like or dislike?

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