Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When you think of Final Fantasy...

Someone in the official forum started a thread and asked us when we think of Final Fantasy just what is it we think of.  Here was my quick and dirty reply:

I think of a story that starts out as a personal one and grows to include the fate of the world. A wide open world and a sense of adventure and danger.

I think of NPC's that say clever things, dancers that twirl around the tavern and homes where I plunder potions from pots. Saving my gil because I suspect I'm about to get to a new town where I can buy my next oversized sword. 

I think of princesses and love stories and the bad guy that gets in the way. Getting stuck and talking to every npc in a town to find my way. Exploring caves, castles and ruins to get this or that item that some NPC needs. 

I think of wandering too far out and being squished by ogres. Secret passages and time travel. Head-scratching plots and epic boss battles. 

Also, fantastic music, chocobos, tents, canoes, ships, airships, crystals, summons, magic, Cid and all the usual suspects.

What do you think of when you think of Final Fantasy?

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