Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wherefore art thou Wandering Minstrel

1.23a patch has dropped and while my LS was scheduled to run Aurum Vale we ended up doing some of the new quests instead.

The following contains spoilers, you have been warned.

The Living on a Prayer quest was enjoyable. We finally know why the symbols of the gods showed up and also why /pray was added.  My matron goddess is Nophica so I got my Nophica's Ring straight away. I liked the tour of the world before it gets reborn in 2.0. It also allowed me to grab another aetherial gate so I only have 4 left! The cutscenes were very good ^^

When you wish upon a star.

We spent a long time taking screenshots in Coerthas where with the new weather effect it reminded us of Disneyland.

Even with the end of the world coming and all, it is nice to take some time and chill with your companions.

I'm not sure if the Dalamud Horn has a purpose beyond making us look dorky...

We went to check out the reports that Atomos was showing up at some camps and having his buddies wreck the place. It took some doing but we managed to find a camp where he was and beat up a ghost.

Doing that completed the requirements for the quest Monster of Maw Most Massive and the reward was prisms.

I was curious what might have happened to our goobbue issuing friend so I went to investigate and was rather surprised about where he ended up.

I demand a lawyer!

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