Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sumasu Dreams of Ice

Main Scenario Quests

Started out with "OMG someone stole teh crystals!" and ended with a tea party. They are definitely prepping us for Heavensward and Ishgard. Lots of political stuff  that I enjoyed.

Yeah, it became clear pretty quickly why they announced Heavensward before 2.4 came out. It's seriously moving us in the direction of Ishgard. I thought it was a good addition to our existing storyline, and I enjoyed the political angle as well. 

He just needs a hug?
I do hope they don't go this direction for overall shoulder armor designs...

Very reminiscent of the ridiculousness of WoW. I'm not a fan. 


The storymode fight was fun and not terribly hard. I want to go back and re-watch the cutscenes since I'm not sure I really understand the motivation for the summoning. The EX mode seems to be challenging but not frustrating like Titan. I like the looks of the icy weapons!

I went in storymode blind and had very little trouble. Extreme is a different story! :) I've only been in there twice and don't have a win yet, but it seems like, as Yelta said, it'll be less difficult than Titan Ex in the long run. The music is awesome! Yelta says the second half the song sounds like an anime end credit song, which I agree with, but I LOVE it anyway!


I found the story a bit weaker than the previous episode. I might have to go back and re-watch some CS's, but it was still some goofy fun.

I agree it wasn't as good as past episodes, but I still laughed pretty hard at Uncle Ulty. He was the star of this round instead of Hildy or his father.

Insert tentacle porn joke here

The Dragon's Neck

This fight is crazy fun and the minion... OMG the minion!

Must go farm this for Yelta's minion! I lurve my minion! :D If you aren't aware, if a female pets Ultros, he wiggles his tentacles. If a male does the same, he runs away. It's fabulous! The fight is a slight challenge if you go in blind, but very simple once you figure it out. Extremely farmable. 

Delivery Moogle

More little snippets of the NPC's lives. Seemed to come to a resolution of sorts. I do hope they continue with these.

I think these are a fun little side quest. I hope we get a moogle minion or something eventually. Some of the little stories are great! I don't know if it was this round or last, but I really enjoy the boy band quest. ^.^


Much complaining on the anti-speedrun mechanics. I actually really like this dungeon. The music is very pretty. Over-geared as we are we can actually ignore a lot of the boss fight mechanics and that's too bad.

This music is now my alarm clock. I love it. :) The mechanic with the snowballs on the second boss is fun. It was good to see Fenrir. I know some people were upset he wasn't a primal, but I enjoyed him here.

Sastasha (Hard)

I love everything about this dungeon; the music, the lore, the fights, the minion. People can be really dumb in here however, and I've already ragequit at the last boss once. 

I agree. This one is wonderful all the way around, although I was a little disappointed the last fight wasn't more dynamic. Having him in a second fight, I would have thought it would be less gimmicky and annoying.

The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)

I was slightly saddened when there were no puzzles like the lower level mode had and overall it felt a bit on the easy side other than figuring out the cactaur boss fight. That end boss fight makes up for any weakness with the mummy's curse. I still need this minion so I might just farm it.

Overall, I enjoyed the first version of this dungeon more, as I agree with Yelta about the puzzles. I really like the laser beam door openy thingie before the last boss. The end boss is the best feature of this dungeon, and the mechanics are really fun. 


Yelta is saving it for later! But my experience is so far that they die a lot and are very flashy.

I'm only level 12, so I don't have much to say, except I like the whole back story of the difference between a rogue and a thief! I keep hearing great things about the storyline for rogue/ninja, and I'm excited! Not rushing it though.

Personal Housing

I have decided to forgo the medium sized house and buy a small. O'wait there aren't any. Ok so when they add more small lots Kariri and I want to be neighbors. 
I am still angry about the housing situation.

The picture sums up my feelings on personal housing. I don't want to go on a nasty rant. We might need to do a separate post on that. Hmmm...

Culinarian Furnishings

Yelta has all the wine!

And that's how the world should be. :D A fitting way to finish our 2.4 report; with a drunken Yelta!

What's your favorite part of 2.4? We'd love to hear what you think!

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