Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who is Nophica?

We have created a new Free Company on Excalibur with our good friend Rubicon Vale. We've named the group Nophica's Bosom. We are hoping to start a static group to run a couple times a week doing coil and all new end-game content. If you are interested, please come stop by and let us know at

As I mentioned, we've named the free company after the ample bosom of Nophica, but it's possible that some may not know who she is. Here is some information I've found in game and online about our patron deity.

 "Nophica, tender of soils and harvests and goddess of abundance, is the guardian deity of Gridania. She commands the element of earth and is associated with the eleventh moon of the Eorzean calendar. Nophica is the daughter of Azeyma, and the younger sister of Llymlaen. She is most often depicted as a jubilant farmer holding a scythe of steel. Her symbol is the spring leaf."

From residents of Eorzea:

"The Twelveswood is a vast forest set aside just for the elementals by the Matron, Nophica. It was here long before we came, and will remain long after we are gone."

"Just as Nophica's bounty helps Her children to grow, so too does the blessing of experience help young men and women grow into noble servants of the land."

"Do you not know that hymn of Nophica? It's an old favorite among farmers and harvesters.

Sun's sweet smile and wind's cool breath♪
Both of these I send thee♪
To ripe thy fruit and spread thy seed♪
And nourish those that tend thee.♪"

In short, Nophica is a mother-figure associated with bountiful harvests, fertility, and nature…hence the tendency for artists to incorporate these themes into her appearance and…er, physique.

Symbol of Nophica

There is a large rock here; it is smashed into the stump of a tree, under which adventurers pass to get to Stillglade Fane. This rock now bears the mark of Nophica, part of a seemingly divine act that recently put the marks of the twelve on stones all over Eorzea.

In the middle of the clearing is a metal basin with 6 lamps around it. It is used in ceremonies and festivals to appease the Elementals, give them thanks, and beg for forgiveness. It is said there were once ceremonies to anger the Elementals, but for obvious reasons this practice has long ended.

~ Khuja Zhwan

If you want to see more of Nophica, Google her name and look at the images. Many people have drawn her…abundant features…in all their glory.

Again, if you are interested in joining us, stop by We'd be happy to have you!

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