Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in the Saddle

It's finally here! Tuesday was the official release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and the response has been overwhelming. The sheer volume of players has caused Square Enix to suspend sales of the digital copy of the game. It has also made it necessary for SE to add more servers to handle the load. So what have we been up to since release day? Absolutely everything! ^^

Pally quest rocking!

Twin Adder, Baby!

Dungeons and questing and cut scenes, oh my!

Collecting minions! MWAHAHAHA!

Oh yeah, and finishing the main storyline quests. ^^

So we've been very busy Lalafells. What kind of mischief have you gotten into since launch?

See? Pithy and picturesque! ^^


  1. Woohoo Twin Adder represent! I'm loving the screenshot with the Company Chocobo minion by the way. :)

    I've had to start a fresh character (due to messing up my name change, haha) and managed to get Arcanist to 18 before leveling Conjurer up to around 25 instead just because it's so much easier to jump into the Duty Finder as a healer. Login issues aside (which should be cleared up soon) I'm having a blast!

  2. I'm so glad everyone is having a good time, even though we're all having trouble getting into the game. ^^ And yeah, I feel your pain about the duty finder. Yelta and I are very, very lucky, as she's the healiest, and I'm the tankiest.


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