Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still playing, still having a good time!

I haven't actually posted in a while, but I have indeed been playing.  1.22 has been fun, even if I have probably spent more time doing older content than the new stuff.

Got monk to 50 and got my AF. Thank you Luminaire, you are always all a ton of fun to play with ^^

I make this look good!
Also, did the 40 Garuda fight, it was over pretty fast and then Cid wanted to have a talk with me
Cid, still lookin fine!
I did some hamlet defense, I really need to do more before I decide what I think...
Hamlet defense complete!
Got a little star for my trouble...
 Probably best of all, old friends returned for the welcome back campaign! 
Almost Heroes!
The Garlean Empire has decided to attack very close to home and adventurers have responded.

The Garlean Empire brings all the boys to the yard
Additionally, I did a ton of runs in AV and CC. Many, many shouts in Ul'dah were answered by me and I ran all over Eorzea helping people which is my favorite thing to do.

I've also been doing weekly SBXIV podcasts you can listen to over at http://zantetsuken.net/.

My legacy member email came so I am locked in at the discounted price for the life of FFXIV!  I certainly hope 2.0 is worth it.  I'm starting to get anxious for some 2.0 info.  We could really use some teasers....


  1. Indeed they are. When the Moogle fight first came out they dropped on my very first win. Of course my PUG was like level 18 or something stupid and I was tempted to drop them ><;

  2. Even if you were never going to lv PUG, they are way to cute for that. Kupo!

  3. What's that star? I dont remember seeing it anywhere :o

    1. The star is 'Magicked Prism (Indigo Star)' and was a reward from level 1 hamlet defense Hyrstmill. I got it like my very first one and I've done a lot of HD level 2 and never seen them since...


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