Daydreams About 2.0

We're making this a page instead of a post since we will be updating it with our crazy dreams. If you haven't read the big 2.0 announcement you should. It looks like it is a whole new game.

We like to let our imaginations fly and thought we might make a "wildest dreams" list.

We want to go all Sims/Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing in our Mog houses. 
  • Switch to newly released Shepard class and tend to my animals.  Check on the Chocobo eggs and feed the chicks. Shear the sheep. Give the sick baby sheep the medicine I crafted yesterday.
  • Switch to botanist and tend my crops and trees
  • Fish in my private pond, (it is low level fish only so far, but that's all I need for fertilizer)
  • Take the wool, feather, vegetables, and grain, and craft. Get bonuses to crafting for cooking in my own kitchen with my HQ stove.
  • Call my retainers to me from my living room, have them sell the rest of the materials at the market wards.   Have them seek for Lightning Crystals as I am starting to run low. 
  • Move around my furniture, invite a friend in for tea. Show friend my trophy room.
  • Check my mailbox, mail items and notes to friends.
We want some casual stuff to go do when we only have a couple hours to play.
  • Check Free Company schedule and mark myself as unable to attend today's events. Leader is notified so he can make other arrangements.
  • Grab a small group of 4 and do leves, level sync so Yelta can main heal.
  • Farm some mats.
  • Hunt a coffer.
  • Do some PVP.
  • Race chocobo.
  • Buy low/sell high in market ward.
  • Complete some solo quests.
  • Play some minigames.
  • Hit the repair wards and fix other peoples stuff.
We want some hardcore stuff to do when we have 7 hours to play.
  • Check Free Company schedule and check what events I signed up for today. Sign up for something tomorrow while I am there.  
  • Go shopping for food, potions, and ethers. Only a noob would go unprepared!
  • Help newbies unlock pre-quest, gather pop items, reach aetherial gates so we are all ready to go at start time.
  • Tele to the closest gate, everyone run through gorgeous scenery for a few minutes dodging dangerous enemies along the way.
  • Reach the entrance to the dungeon. Everyone buff up and start quest.
  • Have a great time killing enemies, solving puzzles, save the lives of another LS who is doing this their first time and make some friends. 
  • Find a safe zone, everyone take a 15 min break.
  • Fight a boss, get some storyline. A couple of old-timers break their previous record for reaching this far this fast and get an achievement.
  • Other LS saves our butts when we took on more than we could handle.
  • Fight endboss and fail, restart at safe zone.
  • Fight endboss, but feel like we did better than we did last time.
  • Fight endboss and win, many get tokens,  a couple get drops they can use, a couple pass drops they cannot. 
  • First-timers complete quest giving them access to level 2 of this dungeon and fame enough to buy from that shifty looking guy in Ul'dah.
  • Head back to town and feel like we did well that day.
  • Set up PC crafting leve, I want a new stove for my house.
  • Have zones only accessible after unlocking in some way.
  • Mounts with different abilities, flying, water walking, mountain climbing. Have some areas inaccessible unless you obtain the correct mount/training for mount.
  • Seasons that change throughout the year, the changes could be subtle or dramatic. Also, like weather effects do now they could be a spawn condition for a NM or perhaps even change what you can fish up or the vegetation you can gather or what wandering NPC vendor has to sell.